July 28, 2015
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Anderson, S.C. BI-LO Store No. 5709 Lead Meat Specialist Matthew Jordan will be featured on the NBC program “American Ninja Warrior” on Aug. 3.​

Matthew Jordan,lead meat specialist at BI-LO store No. 5709 in Anderson, South Carolina, is known for the hard work ethic and positive attitude he has shown over the past 11 years on the job.

And on Monday, Aug. 3, the whole country will get a chance to see the 28-year-old show off his physical abilities on national TV as he competes in the exciting reality TV show “American Ninja Warrior.”

The Anderson native has been selected to compete on the show, which follows competitors around the country as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses.

With a new nickname, the “Butcher Ninja,” Jordanwill be featured on the Orlando, Florida episode, set to air Aug. 3 at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

Jordan said he and his best friend grew up watching the Japanese-based ninja warrior show “Sasuke,” and remained devoted fans after the launch of “American Ninja Warrior” in 2009. He often talked to his friend about applying, but never actually did. It wasn’t until the sudden, tragic death of that same friend a year and a half ago that he finally decided to take a chance and apply to be a contestant.

“After he died, I saw everything in a different way,” Jordan said. “I thought, I can either get busy living or I can get busy dying, so I decided to go for it.”

He submitted his application in September 2014, detailing his background as a full-time BI-LO butcher and including a video showcasing his impressive physical abilities.

“I tried to make a character out of myself so I would appeal to the show’s producers,” he said.

His efforts paid off and Jordan received a phone call inviting him to compete for the qualifying round.

“I screamed when I got the news. I really couldn’t believe it,” he said.

To prepare for the show, he studied the obstacles used and built similar ones in his backyard. He also focused on preparing his body, incorporating more push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups into his daily routine.

Because the show has already been recorded, Jordan is staying mum about his performance until it airs. However, he said he was most nervous about a newly-added tire swing obstacle that requires participants to cross three parts using only their arms.

“Matt is a great kid and we are so proud of him,” said John Alley, store director. “We hope everyone can tune in to cheer him on.”
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John Alley, BI-LO store No. 5709 director, left, with Lead Meat Specialist Matthew Jordan, who will be featured on the NBC program “American Ninja Warrior” on Aug. 3.
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