May 30, 2014
Smokin Hot 500px
Crescent City, Fla. No. 196 Director Larry Court, center right, with District Director John Koulouris, center left, and players from the Putnam Family Center Youth Soccer Team at a “Smokin’ Hot Rib Fest fundraising event May 17.​

Winn-Dixie store No. 196 in Crescent City, Fla. raised nearly $3,000 for community organizations in two “Smokin’ Hot Rib Fest” events during two weekends in May.

On May 16 and 17, store associates sold more than 160 slabs of ribs to help raise $800 for the Putnam Family Center Youth Soccer Team to start their first season. The ribs were sold for $15 apiece, of which $5 went toward the team.

On the heels of that success, the store hosted the Georgetown Fire Department, which brought fire engines to the store to promote the “Smokin’ Hot Rib Fest Week Two” – and the store sold more than 180 ribs and raised $2,000 to benefit the fire department.

The money raised in the first “Smokin’ Hot” event will allow the Youth Soccer Team to purchase trophies for their year-end celebration and for equipment next season. Bonnie Harrison, President of Putman County Fitness Center, was thrilled with Winn-Dixie’s support for the team. This is the first year for the youth soccer team in Crescent City, and the organization was overwhelmed with 187 children, who registered to create 10 teams.

Store Director Larry Court said the events helped his store give back to the community.

“I knew one of the challenges when taking over this store was it sits by itself and is far away from the community, so I knew I had to brainstorm and get involved with the community somehow,” he said.

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