December 20, 2013
Mary Ellen Stallard 500px
BI-LO store No. 5158 Director Mary Ellen Stallard, right, shows a young customer the register interface that rings up his family’s groceries.

When Christine Stewart entered BI-LO Store No. 5158 in Beaufort, S.C., for the first time with her two young toddlers, she anticipated another frazzled trip out into public.

What she said she didn’t expect was the dedication of store director, Mary Ellen Stallard, to making her shopping trip an easy and rewarding experience – one of the best she’s ever had, she said.

When Stewart got to the register, Stallard treated her children – ages 2 and 4 – to the privilege of helping to check out their groceries at the counter. It not only helped to pacify the two active toddlers, but allowed the whole Stewart family to feel important and irreplaceable, she said.

I have never had such an experience in a grocery store in my life and I was pleasantly surprised,” Stewart said. “Instead of being another frustrating shopping trip for a family with two young kids, Ms. Stallard really made it feel like a family experience. I appreciate that BI-LO employs people like Mary Ellen Stallard. She has won our loyalty to BI-LO and she is a fantastic representative of the brand.”

“We value each and every one of our customers and strive to give them a memorable experience that brings a smile to their faces ,” Stallard said.

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