April 17, 2015
South Tampa Home Tour 500px
Winn-Dixie No. 2433 Store Director Richard Rescigno, left, with a prize wheel and promotional items during the Hyde Park historic home tour.​

Winn-Dixie No. 2433 in Tampa, Florida had the opportunity to position itself in front of the local community during a unique event – a historic home tour.

The South Tampa Winn-Dixie sponsored a newly renovated historic home as part of the Historic Hyde Park Neighborhood Association’s annual home tour. The homes are more than 100 years old, and are either well-maintained or have recently undergone a major remodeling project. The idea behind the tour is to allow people inside the homes to see the décor and the upgrades. More than 800 people made their way through the nine-home tour.

“This is the first year we participated in the tour, and it was really a great way to get involved,” said Winn-Dixie No. 2433 Director Richard Rescigno. “The day itself was rainy and gloomy, but that didn’t stop a large number of people from touring through the neighborhood. It was a fantastic event for us to sponsor to get ourselves in front of a big group of people.”

Each home on the tour had a local business sponsor and they gave away something different at each location. At the Winn-Dixie sponsored house, Rescigno set up a prize wheel with giveaway items including mystery gift cards, koozies and tote bags. He also handed out samples of the signature Triple Layer Chocolate Cake and Italian deli sandwich.

“We got so many positive comments from people about how excited they were to see Winn-Dixie at the event,” said Rescigno. “We were really well received.”

South Tampa Home Tour Inset 1.jpg
Winn-Dixie No. 2433 participated in the Hyde Park historic home tour by sponsoring a house to hand out samples and give away mystery gift cards, tote bags and koozies.

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