October 21, 2015
Miami Children’s Health Foundation volunteers passed out fruit and other snacks from Winn-Dixie for runners to refuel after their 5-kilometer race/walk.

By Mayra Hernandez

Southeastern Grocers Community Connections

South Florida

For the past five years, the Miami Children’s Health Foundation has been bringing thousands of runners and walkers together in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida, to help raise funds for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. On Sept. 19, Winn-Dixie sponsored the race for the first time, providing water, bagels, watermelon and bananas for more than 5,000 participants to refuel after their 5-kilometer trek.

Winn-Dixie and Miami Children’s Health Foundation have enjoyed a fruitful partnership throughout the past four years. Through a variety of community events, scan programs and foundation grants, Winn-Dixie has helped ensure that the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital could continue to provide world-class treatment and facilities to millions of South Florida children and families.

“The Miami Children’s Health Foundation and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital have touched countless lives in the South Florida community, so we are always proud to support our longtime partner,” said Gueorgui Lago, Winn-Dixie district director.  “This yearly race has become a tradition for families to give back to these organizations and we are honored to join them to guarantee top-notch children’s care for years to come.”

As racers crossed the finish line, they visited the Winn-Dixie table to pick up a complimentary snack. Awards were given out to top finishers in various categories, as well as for a kiddie dash for younger runners. Throughout the post-race celebration, Winn-Dixie was thanked as a dedicated sponsor. Miami Children’s Health Foundation Director of Major Gifts Melissa Wetzel said she was thankful for Winn-Dixie’s continued support as a dedicated corporate partner.

“Winn-Dixie has been an invaluable resource to us for so many years in helping raise the funds needed for programs that provide care to children that need it most,” she said. “From working with us in the community to rallying their employees and customers though in-store initiatives, Winn-Dixie continues to be a business partner that helps us further our mission of providing the best care to every child.”

Winn-Dixie was at the finish line, ready to provide snacks for tired racers throughout the morning.

As the majority of racers celebrated their accomplishment, individuals and teams were presented awards for fastest times, largest group and more.

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