February 07, 2014
Flu Shot 500px
BI-LO Pharmacist Steve Ezell, right, gives Chattanooga TV anchor Sarah Jennings a flu shot on the air.​

According to the Center for Disease Control, residents of the Southeast are at a higher risk of catching the influenza virus. Flu season peaks in February, and BI-LO and Winn-Dixie Pharmacy representatives appeared on local TV programs to educate viewers of the importance of getting immunized against the virus.

BI-LO No. 5335 Pharmacist Steve Ezell appeared on the Chattanooga, Tenn., mid-day television show, "This N’ That" on Jan. 24, and said it’s important for everyone 6 months and older to get a flu shot.

“Right now, reports are indicating that the H1N1 strain of the virus is highly prevalent, which may be a major concern for younger individuals and children,” he said.

Steve administered the flu vaccine on-air to anchor, Sarah Jennings and after the show, he gaveflu shots to members of the TV newsroom staff.

In Jacksonville, Fla., Pharmacy Professional Services Manager BJ Cobb, RPh, served as Winn-Dixie’s expert on the flu. WJXT Channel 4 anchor Jennifer Waugh interviewed Cobb in a segment that appeared on the station’s Jan. 30 morning show.

During this time of year, everyone is exposed to and shares an immeasurable amount of germs, weakening the immune system and making them susceptible to catching the flu,” she said.

Flu season peaks in February and can last through May.

Flu Shot Inset 1.jpg

Pharmacy Professional Services Manager BJ Cobb, RPh talks with WJXT Channel 4 station anchor Jennifer Waugh.

Flu Shot Inset 2.jpg

BI-LO Store No. 5335 Pharmacist, Steve Ezell, center, talks to anchor Sarah Jennings and show host Don Welch.

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