June 20, 2014
Juan Polo 500px
Winn-Dixie store No. 366 Store Director Juan Polo.​

Store Director Juan Polo of Winn-Dixie store No. 366 has been connecting with his Miami neighbors at for the past year. He has worked to be visible in his community, forging community partnership and connecting with customers.

For the past several months, Polo, who has more than 11 years of grocery experience, has been working with his community involvement team to identify key partners. Community Involvement Specialist Farrah Shoukry helped him schedule a meeting with Kensington Park Elementary administrators to introduce himself and to identify ways his store could become involved with the school. The team’s meeting resulted in the development of his store’s first partnership and the coordination of a Math Night event in November.

“The support our store received from Kensington Park Elementary School was overwhelming and we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout to kick-start our partnership,” said Polo. “The compliments from families and staff were very heartwarming. Our first Math Night was an invaluable experience for me to see the impact a school partnership can have on my store.”

Polo continued to follow the partnership plan developed by the community involvement team. In January, he welcomed an even larger crowd to his store for a first-ever Art Night.

Kensington Park Elementary School Principal Genaro Navarro said Polo’s eagerness to be involved has helped create a buzz among parents and faculty.

“We are extremely thankful for everything Winn-Dixie has done to become a fun and educational contributor to the Kensington Park Elementary learning experience,” Navarro said. “Everyone from teachers to parents have been overwhelmed by the collaboration we created with our neighborhood Winn-Dixie.”

Juan Polo Inset 1.jpg
Juan Polo greets a family from Kensington Park Elementary School during a Math Night.

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