February 21, 2014
Roscoe Reading 500px
BI-LO No. 5284 Store Director Rickie Pringle, rear, with two young participants in the Roscoe Reading Program. ​

For the past five years, BI-LO store No. 5284 in Moncks Corner, S.C. has partnered with Roscoe Reading Program. Store Director Rickie Pringle recognized the importance of raising literacy levels in the community and launched the partnership in his first year as store director in 2008.

“If you give a kid books to read from a young age, it will help him for the rest of his life,” Pringle said.

In 2002, the Roscoe Reading Program began with 25 students and has grown to more than 3,800 in 2013. Organizers seek to increase the reading skills of students in second through third grades in 14 Berkeley County schools. Close to 70 percent of participants in the program are below the poverty level, and program volunteers regularly throw an ice cream party to reward students for achieving reading goals.

“There are many angels at the BI-LO store, including Mr. Pringle and his staff, who go out of their way to help the Roscoe Reading Program,” said Marietta Harvey Hicks, founder and chair of the Roscoe Reading Program.

The store chose to raise money for RRP during a Community Donation Program last year. But the partnership does not end at a monetary donation. The team of associates goes out of its way to help the program regularly.

“Not only does the Moncks Corner staff help with the ice cream, sprinkles, and syrup, but they also provide plastic bags for the students to carry their new books home,” Hicks said. “Some of the volunteers bag the students’ new books for them.”

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