August 23, 2014
Food Lighthouse 500px
​From left: Kenny Heater, Assistant Manager of Hunting Island State Park; Brandon Bowers, Senior Park Ranger, Hunting Island State Park; Bryce Payne, director of BI-LO store No. 5158; and Ryan Kingery, director of BI-LO store No. 5525.

This summer, Hunting Island State Park, along with eight other South Carolina State Parks, hosted a summer food drive and urged the community to get involved.

The food drive, which began on Memorial Day and continues through Labor Day, is collecting canned food and raising awareness for the Lowcountry Food Bank.

Hunting Island State Park set out a goal to collect enough canned food donations to build a lighthouse replica to draw attention to the summer food drive. With the help of BI-LO, they were quickly able to make their goal a reality.

“When we were asked to support this organization, I immediately thought it was a great cause and wanted to make a larger impact by partnering with another BI-LO store to truly make a difference in our community,” said BI-LO store no. 5525 director Ryan Kingery.

Kingery joined forces with store no. 5158 director Bryce Payne to donate a total of 670 cans of food so Hunting Island State Park could finish constructing the replica of the lighthouse.

“They did an amazing job with creating the lighthouse structure,” said Payne. “It’s a great summer project to not only raise awareness of the Lowcountry Food Bank, but to also make a large donation to the food bank who supports our local community.”

All donations collected for the project will be given to the Lowcountry Food Bank to help some of the 547,869 South Carolinians who live below the poverty line and rely on its help.

The replica lighthouse, located in the park’s visitors center, stands over twelve feet tall, is constructed of 640 cans and 32 water bottles, and includes a working light gleaming from its top.

Food Lighthouse Inset 1.jpg

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