June 06, 2014
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Winn-Dixie District Director Gueorgui Lago (right), Procter & Gamble representative Dan Hare (left) and Winn-Dixie associates present the donation check to La Liga Contra el Cancer Executive Director Adriana Cora (center).​

On May 31, Winn-Dixie participated in the 39thannual La Liga Contra el Cáncer/League Against Cancer Telethon to help raise funds and awareness for the organization. For more than 30 years, Winn-Dixie and Procter & Gamble have been proud partners of the not-for-profit organization, which provides free medical care for underprivileged residents affected by cancer.

“It’s always humbling to represent Winn-Dixie at the annual telethon as we gather to benefit the countless famlies in our community in need of La Liga’s services,” said Gueorgui Lago, Winn-Dixie district director. “It’s overwhelming to think of the lives we have impacted thanks to our partnership with P&G and the dedication of our wonderful team and customers.”

This year, more than 20Winn-Dixie associates volunteered their time manning the telethon’s phone bank, stuffing giveaway bags and engaging event attendees throughout the evening.Several members of the Winn-Dixie team were on stage to help present a check for $75,000 to La Liga during the telethon, including $50,000 raised through Winn-Dixie’s longstanding vendor partnership with Procter & Gamble and $25,000 raised through the current community donation program.

“We are eternally grateful for Winn-Dixie’s continued support throughout our 30 year partnership,” La Liga Contra el Cancer Executive Director Adriana Corasaid. “Winn-Dixie is an integral part of the La Liga family and we are truly appreciative of their commitment to help us serve the thousands of cancer patients who have nowhere else to turn.”

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Winn-Dixie District Director Gueorgui Lago and a group of Winn-Dixie associates present the $75,000 check to La Liga during the telethon.

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Winn-Dixie associates volunteered their time to man the phone bank during the telethon.

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Hundreds of South Florida residents looked on as Winn-Dixie presented the $75,000 donation to La Liga on May 31.

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From left: Winn-Dixie associates Christian Rodriguez (239), Aaron Hernandez (388), Doris Diaz (283), Claudia Santana (283), Rosaliz Cordo (353), Claudia Aguilar (283), Claudia Perez (384), Rayma Morales (254), Johanna Rodriguez (254), Gloria Menendez (388), Cruz Vallecillo (361), Jose Gomez (361), Ivette Vindell (237), Neida Sanchez (239) and Mitchell Figueroa (249)

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