June 29, 2015
2268 Math Night 500px
Educational Horizons Charter School students build Oreo stacks to help solve their assigned math problems.​

Winn Dixie store No. 2268 in West Melbourne, Florida teamed up with local students and parents from Educational Horizons Charter School to host an evening of fun, educational activities and games at the store’s June 11 Math Night event.

Student from Educational Horizons Charter School had the opportunity to learn in a different environment that would help bring math to life. The Winn-Dixie Math Night event had more than 60 students and parents in attendance, some of which had never shopped at store No. 2268 before.

“The best part about hosting this community event was that I had 10 families attend that have never shopped at this location before,” said Mike Klenotich, Winn-Dixie store No. 2268 director. “We really enjoyed seeing new faces and hope to get more students and families to shop here.”

Students made their way around the store with clipboards, hunting for the correct answers to the problems on their grade-specific worksheets. They also took part in problem-solving with a sweet twist --building Oreo stacks. The students tried to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar, and the lucky winner was able to enjoy all of them.

2268 Math Night Inset 1.jpg
A cereal box display welcomed students and parents to Math Night.

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