November 08, 2013
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Winn-Dixie alongside City of Jacksonville event directors judged the best RV’s for Halloween, Florida, and Georgia Spirit Nov. 1.​

Every year, the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs square off at Everbank Field in Jacksonville, Fla. The college football rivalry game between the two schools has been held in Jacksonville since 1933 and the largest part of the celebration of the game is in "RV City," an area of the stadium parking lot where more than 40,000 people take part in what is arguably the World's Largest Tailgating Party.

This year, Winn-Dixie partnered with the City of Jacksonville to host Florida-Georgia RV City as presenting sponsor (Oct. 30 - Nov.2). Every year, fans from throughout the United States gather in RV (Recreational Vehicle) City days before the game to begin celebrating and cheering for their teams. Attendees bring decked-out campers, decorated golf carts, and various party essentials.

As part of Winn-Dixie's partnership with the City of Jacksonville, transportation was established between RV Cityand Winn-Dixie Store No. 37 in downtown Jacksonville. This valuable service filled a glaring need for the event - allowing RV City residents to shop for food and other items needed during their long stay.

Winn-Dixie also provided fun and entertainment to RV City crowds – kicking off the “Show Us How You Tailgate” social media campaign by featuring the promotion's "Tailgate Truck" Grand Prize at the event.  A number of vendor partners joined forces with Winn-Dixie to give away a ton of prizes, including gift cards, shirts, hats, koozies and key chains.

“RV City is the largest tailgate party in the world, so it is fitting that Winn-Dixie be the presenting sponsor,“ said Rich Romano, Bi-Lo Holdings Sales and Marketing Manager. “It is a unique opportunity to further align our brand with everything tailgating – and to provide a great service to those staying in RV City by transporting them to our downtown store to re-fuel all of their tailgating needs."

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