June 05, 2015
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BI-LO’s Chattanooga East and Chattanooga West Districts host “bag off” contests to select the best baggers to move on to Tennessee’s annual statewide bagging championship.​

The competition was fierce at the recent BI-LO Bag Off contests in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Chattanooga East and West Districts held qualifying bagging events to determine the two best baggers to represent BI-LO in the annual statewide 2015 Best Bagger Championship, put on by The Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association.

“Baggers play a crucial role in the overall success of a grocery store,” said Rodney Dillard, district director of Chattanooga East. “Proper bagging is essential to a shopper’s experience in store and up until that shopper’s groceries have been put away at home.”

During the bag off events, representatives from stores across both districts put their skills to the test. Staying in line with the Grocers Association guidelines, the baggers each filled four reusable bags with a specific list of items -- including delicate products such as bread -- and were judged on quality, neatness, speed, weight distribution, and criteria as specific as whether they had smashed a bag of potato chips.

“The best baggers are energetic, dressed perfectly, fast and accurate in building the bag,” said Daryl Massey, district director of Chattanooga West. “They have to want to win to make it in this competition.”

As the competition heated up, customers took notice, and the atmosphere became festive as bystanders enthusiastically cheered on contestants.

“At BI-LO we have some of the best baggers out there, and this was a great forum to show what our people can do,” said Greg Giles, operations excellence manager for the Greenville Region.

The first place winners from each district won $50 and two runners up from each district were also rewarded for their top-notch bagging and each received $25. Whether they placed or not, each participant went back to their home store with a renewed sense of pride for bagging groceries.

In June, Zack Bishop from BI-LO Store No. 5324 will represent Chattanooga West and Ronald Crabtree from BI-LO Store No. 5301 will represent Chattanooga East in the statewide bagging contest with the potential to compete in the national championship.

During the state championship, Bishop and Crabtree will compete to win the first place prize of a $750 scholarship from the Tennessee Grocers Association, $250 cash from the National Grocers Association and a trip to the national bagging competition at the National Grocers Association convention. A second place winner will receive a $600 scholarship.

Bagger Championship Inset 1.jpg
Baggers from the Chattanooga West District were ready to show off their skills during their district Bag Off on May 6.

Bagger Championship Inset 2.jpg
Associates from the Chattanooga East District participated in a friendly Bag Off competition on May 7 to determine the best bagger in the district.

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