October 01, 2014
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From left, Julie Bond, BI-LO store No. 5744 service area manager; James Bramlett, assistant store director; Larry Burgess, store director.​

It was the first year that BI-LO store No. 5744 in Glennville, Georgia celebrated Labor Day under its new banner, and store associates wanted to do something special for customers to show their appreciation.

After months of planning, the store presented an event for customers to enjoy.

The store welcomed customers Aug. 30 to partake in a Customer Appreciation Day that included a jump castle, beanbag games, glitter art, balloons, free hotdogs and sodas for all shoppers during a four-hour event.

“The event was a great hit!” said BI-LO Service Area Manager Julie Bond. “Days after the event, customers were still talking about how much fun the event was and how they can not wait to attend our next store event.”

The event attracted over 400 customers of all ages to partake in the fun. Grandparents were among the majority who were excited to have a fun place to bring their grandchilden on a beautiful Saturday.

“We were amazed at the amount of children that came to attend the event,” stated Bond. “It was clear that our event was an opportunity for familes to have fun together and bond over the holiday weekend.”

The store exceeded their expectation for the event and even had to quickly buy more hot dogs because so many attended.

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From left: BI-LO store No. 5744 associates Austin, Alisa, Chelsey and Sophie.

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