August 08, 2014
Georgia Wildlife 500px
Chet Powell with the Georgia Wildlife Rescue, left, with Harveys Store No. 1618 Director Jeremiah Ooteen. Powell holds an orphaned fawn that Powell’s organization rescued and nursed back to health.​

When the Georgia Wildlife Association needed help for a boom in orphaned baby wild animals, they immediately thought about the caring people who work and shop at Harveys.

In 2010, Harveys associates and customers rose to the occasion to help a group of wildlife professionals working to save animals in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Chet Powell, Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association representative, asked his local Harveys Supermarket to set up donation bins so customers could contribute supplies including Dawn dishwashing liquid-- a crucial aid in removing oil safely from animals.

“As bad as we thought it was, none of us realized the enormity of the situation. It was horrific.” Powell said. “The donations were massive! We even had to borrow warehouse space to store it until it could be transported to the coast and as a result, we were the only rescue group that arrived fully self-supplied and ready to go!”

The wildlife association found themselves again in need of help in June. Due to an unexpected increase in wildlife births, most of Georgia's licensed wildlife rehabilitators were overwhelmed with injured and orphaned animals, especially fawns.

Harveys came through again to help the organization. The Harveys regional team supplied the Georgia Wildlife Association with $2,500 in gift cards so the organization could purchase all the items they needed as soon as possible.

“I was in shock when I was informed of the total amount that Harveys was donating,” Powell said. “The Harveys Supermarket that was founded and owned by friends of my father is still the wonderful local supermarket that is willing to lend a hand as they always have been.”

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