October 17, 2014
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Golden Harvest Food Bank representatives are very excited about the donation as president Travis McNeal holds the check over his head. BI-LO did one collective check presentation for last year’s Summer Backpack Hunger Relief Program, Holiday Hunger Relief Program, PAWS Feed the Love and the recent Summer Backpack Hunger Relief Program.​

All stores from BI-LO, Harvey’s and Winn-Dixie joined together from July 16-Aug. 19 to fight childhood hunger through the 2014 Summer Backpack Hunger Relief Program. By encouraging customers to give a dollar at the register, our store associates were able to collectively donate $208,645 to regional Feeding America-affiliated food banks. But it’s the effort at each store that makes that number impressive.

Three stores went above and beyond in the customer donation program and the money raised is a testament to the dedication and commitment at these stores – plus a few creative ideas that helped give customers incentive to donate.

BI-LO store No 5292 in Hephzibah, Georgia found a simple path to success using 2-liter bottles of Chek soda to raise more than any other store throughout the company– with $5,774.37. Their secret was simple. The bottles were displayed at registers and customers were told they could claim a bottle as their own if the cashier failed to ask for a donation.

“It became a challenge for the customers to see if they could squeeze through check-out without the cashier saying anything, but once the cashiers got into a routine it became habit,” said Thomas Rosier, BI-LO store No. 5292 director. “When my District Director saw what a blast it was, he rolled it out to the whole district.”

Rosier’s district director, Rodney Thigpen, said he credits much of the donations given in his district to the two-liter bottle technique.

“I take every great idea I can and share it with my entire team,” said Rodney Thigpen, BI-LO district director. “The drink bottle at the register was an Idea that Thomas Rosier shared with me many years ago and has proven to be the best way to remind all cashiers that they need to ask the customers if they would like to donate to these very important non-profit organizations.”

Winn-Dixie store No. 528 in Northport, Alabama raised the most in the Winn-Dixie banner with $4,513.66 by reminding each customer of the importance of donating and tracking donations by each cashier.

“Everybody from the departments all the way to the front of the store informed the customers,” said Shannon Mostiller, store co-director. “Each day, we let the cashiers know who had the most donations and there’s a little competition between them because they don’t want to see their names on the bottom of the list.”Don Grace, assistant store director at Harvey’s store no. 1697, said it was healthy competition that led to his store raising the most banner wide. A chart above the store’s timeclock tracked which cashier collected the most donations each day.

“They had bragging rights,” said Grace. “So they enjoyed it!”

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BI-LO representatives in Columbia, S.C. present a check in the amount of $17,727.75 to the Harvest Hope Food Bank. Pictured L-R: Mike Dorroh, BI-LO store no. 5442 director; Danielle St. Marie, child feeding coordinator for Harvest Hope Food Bank; and Sam Blaiss, BI-LO regional vice president for Columbia Region.

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Winn-Dixie representatives present a check in the amount of $11,580 to Feeding America Tampa Bay. Pictured L-R: Eddie Garcia, Orlando regional vice president; Richard Rescigno, store no. 2433 director; Mike Hall, district director; Marion Orr, store no. 2472 director; Thomas Mantz, Feeding America Tampa Bay Executive Director; Laura Hernandez, Winn-Dixie associate store no. 2415; Ken Bertrand, store no. 2509 director; Mike Rodgers, district director; Joey Medina, Tampa regional vice president.

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Winn-Dixie representatives present a check in the amount of $2,680 to Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida. Store associates join Stacey Wallace, store no. 723 director; Ted Dow, district director; Miriam Pereira, director of development for Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida; and David Pope, district director.

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