February 14, 2014
CASA Playhouse 500px
CASA Jefferson Playhouse Design Team - Terrance Osborne, Maria Barcelona and Matthew Holdren.​

CASA Jefferson, an organization that benefits foster children,unveiled a special playhouse at a Winn-Dixie store Feb. 8.

The project marked a collaboration with Terrance Osborne, renowned local artist and designer of this year’s New Orleans Jazz Fest poster, and the playhouse is a miniature replica of houses Osborne paints in his award-winning pieces.

Winn-Dixie Store no. 1426 was the first stop on CASA’s playhouse tour, and it will come soon to store Nos. 1472, 1406 and 1404.

The playhouse tour marks Winn-Dixie’s second partnership with CASA Jefferson. In addition to the playhouse, Winn-Dixie is the featured partner for Candles of Hope, an effort to give birthday cakes to foster children who otherwise wouldn’t get to celebrate their birthdays. Both programs help area children who have been separated from their friends and families for their protection and placed in the foster care system.

The house will be raffled off during the summer of 2014. Raffle tickets for the Playhouse are available at www.casaplayhouse.com.

“CASA Jefferson is so grateful for the support of Winn-Dixie. As the main sponsor for the CASA Playhouse Raffle, Winn-Dixie has not only helped CASA Jefferson raise needed funding, but helped to rebuild the lives of hundreds of foster children living throughout Lousiana,” said Dennis Lomonaco, Vice President of CASA Jefferson.

“This is such a unique opportunity, and we’ve loved seeing the CASA Playhouse come together,” said Kate Speakes, New Orleans district five director. “We are thrilled to have the playhouse travel throughout the district to different Winn-Dixie locations. We saw a lot of enthusiasm from our customers when it was first revealed at store 1426. We are honored to partner with such a passionate organization and an acclaimed artist to make a difference in the lives of children who could use a caring hand.”

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