November 08, 2013
Art Fest 500px
One of 720 pieces of art from the students of Fair Glen Elementary School displayed at Winn-Dixie store No. 2329 in Port St. John, Fla. ​

Winn-Dixie store No. 2329 in Port St. John, Fla. hosted a very special art night for Fair Glen Elementary School earlier this month. Service Area Manager Amber Williams invited the entire elementary school to partake in the night, and many chose to participate. She received 720 pieces of art to display in the store for the art night presentation.

“When we received 720 pieces of art, I wasn’t sure how exactly we were going to showcase them all, but I knew that we would find a way,” she said.

The Winn-Dixie team came up with a creative way to hang the 720 pieces from the ceiling throughout the perimeter of the store with poster board and string. Children, teachers, and parents flocked to the store to see the display of art that lit up its aisles with bursts of color. The children received awards for their work and were invited to have juice and cookies in the deli.

Fair Glen Elementary kindergarten and first-graders also made two special pieces of art for the store to keep. The first piece of art is a collection of hand impressions, in an array of beautiful colors, from every child in kindergarten and first grade. The second piece of art is a collage of smaller pieces of art transformed into an American flag. Williams said the store will keep both art pieces and will display them in the store.

“The night was a great success for our store and community,” said Williams. “Customers shared with me how great it is that Winn-Dixie is involved with the youth in the community and attributing to their education at a young age.”

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