January 10, 2014
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Bi-Lo Holdings director of public relations and community involvement Rondel Cuyler, center, with representatives from Hormel Foods and the Salvation Army at a ham give-away event in Jacksonville, Fla.​

There’s nothing like a tasty ham during the holidays, and thanks to a partnership with Hormel Foods Corporation, Bi-Lo Holdings was able to provide more than 3,200 hams to families in need through Salvation Army affiliates in Charleston, S.C; Greenville, S.C.; Columbia, S.C.; New Orleans; Miami; Tampa, Fla.; Montgomery, Ala. and Jacksonville, Fla.

“We wanted to help make the holidays special for families who were facing hard times,” said Rondel Cuyler, Bi-Lo Holdings director of public relations and community involvement. “We know hams can be one of the most important dishes in a holiday meal and we were honored to work with Hormel Foods to give thick, juicy hams to our neighbors in need.”

“The Hams for Hunger™ program helps fill the important nutritional need for protein for hunger-relief organizations,” said Pat Lipinski, product manager, meat products, Hormel Foods. “Hormel ‘Cure 81ham is a premium product and we were proud to partner with Bi-Lo Holdings to help provide meals for those in need.”

This is the first year Bi-Lo Holdings has partnered with Hormel Foods to offer the Hams for Hunger™ program, where vouchers for HormelCure 81hams were provided to the Salvation Army.

Bi-Lo Holdings received these vouchers because of their success in growing the ‘Cure 81brand business in stores this year. Vouchers were provided to locations in South Carolina through the BI-LO banner and to locations in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana through the Winn-Dixie banner.

Hams for Hunger™ was created in 1986 to link Hormel Foods with grocery stores across the country. The ‘Cure 81brand is celebrating its 50thanniversary. Throughout the years, more than $12 million dollars in hams have been donated, feeding tens of thousands of families.

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