October 18, 2013
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From left:  Winn-Dixie store No. 370 Associate Felicia, Service Area Manager Clair, Service Lead Cordy, Store Director Jairo Villavicencio, Assistant Store Director Todd Patterson. ​

Customers of Winn-Dixie store No. 370 in Miami have found it easier to make a positive impact in the fight against breast cancer since the launch of the Susan G. Komen scan program Sept. 19.

After asking numerous customers to donate a dollar at the register, Store Director Jairo Villavicencio and his team have covered a store wall at the store’s customer service area with pink donation slips, each representing a contribution to the organization in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Villavicencio said he realized how a scan program could help his neighbors during a meeting he attended with District Director Gueorgui Lago at the Miami Children’s Hospital.

“This program is an opportunity for us to engage with our customers to make a tremendous impact in the lives of those affected by this disease,” he said. “We wanted to display the donations as a testament to our generous customers and dedicated store team who has supported this wonderful cause.”

Villavicencio said he wants it all to stand as a testament of passion for helping to raise much-needed funds for breast cancer research, advocacy for its victims, and community programs for those affected.

“Our associates have embraced Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a time to help give back to the community,” he said. “This team takes great pride in knowing they are part of a program that could help save lives.”

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