May 18, 2015
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Richard McGough began his career with Winn-Dixie in 1974, and in August 2015, he will celebrate 41 years with the company.

McGough has held many positions with Winn-Dixie, which he says contributes to his success. Currently serving as a district director, he manages the sales and operations of stores in Southeastern Alabama and Georgia.

“While my family has always inspired me to work hard, I’m a very driven person,” said McGough. “Other key factors include the willingness to do what the company asks, not being afraid of change and developing a good team by creating a culture of open-minded, winning people who share ideas.”

Recognized for his attention for putting customers first, McGough is committed to mentoring others in sales and customer service, working to inspire associates to convey enthusiasm for making sure customers always find what they want to buy. McGough enjoys talking with customers and believes connecting with them and anticipating their needs is key to winning shoppers and building loyalty.

“If you build traffic with great stores and provide great service, then you can also rely on the belief that ‘friends don’t leave friends,’” said McGough. “The lost art of sales and customer service is talking to the people who come in your store – from cheering on their sports teams, to talking with them about a great product or new product.”

McGough says his long-time interest in coaching, teaching and training were all factors in his decision to continue his career with Winn-Dixie after high school.

“My time with Winn-Dixie has allowed me more opportunity to coach, teach and train people than if I had been a sports coach,” said McGough. “Some of my biggest thrills in this business having been helping those who others say are no good, and helping make people successful and then watching them help others.”

McGough has served as regional operations superintendent, responsible for merchandising and commodity strategies, and successfully managed and directed more than 25 store locations in markets across the company’s footprint. McGough lives in Auburn, Alabama with his wife, Elyse, and two daughters.

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