June 05, 2015
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Southeastern Grocers Culinary Operations Director Greg Retz will compete against two other grocery chain chefs for one of five Supermarket Chef Showdown Grand Champion titles.​

Southeastern Grocers Culinary Operations Director Greg Retz is one of 15 national retail grocery chef finalists who will compete head-to-head in a June 10 cook-off for the title of Supermarket Chef Showdown Grand Champion.

Retz, who has won many other awards and honors, including winning Tabasco Brand’s Hottest Chef Contest, will compete in the “Breakfast to Go” category against two other national chain grocery store chefs. Competitors will have 30 minutes to present their dishes for judging, and their creations will be scored based on taste, presentation, creativity and consumer appeal. The winner of the competition will be recognized as one of five first-place winners.

Retz’s entry is a twist on long-established Southern cooking – a pairing of tradition and trend that creates the fried green tomato biscuit. The biscuit recipe and sunny side up egg are simple and traditional, but the combination of the spice of the green tomato and the smoky sweetness of the marmalade create something new.

“I was trying to work within the trend that everything is better with bacon and still use down home traditional recipes,” Retz said. “My recipe is a combination of traditional southern dishes, buttermilk biscuits and fried green tomatoes with a trendy twist in the Bacon Orange Marmalade.”

Retz said the recipe is great for busy people who want a comfort food breakfast with a modern twist.

“In today’s fast-paced world, the days of a sit down breakfast seem to be going away. However, consumers know that eating that meal is important to their daily nutritional needs.”

The competition is part of the Food Marketing Institute FMI Connect industry trade show in Chicago where the FMI Store Manager of the Year award also will be announced. Winn-Dixie store director Steve Gannon is a finalist for that award.

Supermarket Chef Inset 1.jpg
Retz’s fried green tomato biscuit.

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