November 15, 2013
Bridget Warner 500px
Winn-Dixie store No. 741 Service Area Manager Bridget Warner​

For Winn-Dixie store No. 741 Service Area Manager Bridget Warner, bringing Winn-Dixie and the community together is a part of her job that she loves. Recently, she accomplished one of the proudest achievements of her 15-year career, leading the Punta Gorda, Fla. store to the top of the Tampa region during the Susan G. Komen scan program.

Warner said she took a personal interest in the recent scan program because her aunt has battled breast cancer twice. Eager to make a difference, the Southwest Florida native issued a challenge to her store team and encouraged her fellow associates to work together to make the program a success.

By organizing initiatives such as a “pink shirt” program for associates, setting up change buckets for customer donations and asking shoppers to “even up” their register totals to make donations to battle cancer, the one-time bagger pushed her store team and her community to the forefront.

“The Susan G. Komen scan program was particularly special to me and the result was fantastic,” she said. “Our team and our shoppers really came through and we had great success.”

When she’s not enjoying the outdoors or reading a good book, Warner says she enjoys representing Winn-Dixie in the community. Her determination hasn’t gone unnoticed by Winn-Dixie District Director William Lovelette.

“Bridget took a leadership role and stepped up to a great challenge, and we applaud her for a tremendous effort,” he said. “Through her ownership of the Susan G. Komen scan program, she’s helped our region excel in the fight against breast cancer.”

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