July 28, 2014
Chicken of the Sea 500px
Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee director, Cindy Sloan, accepts a check for $10,000 at Winn-Dixie store No. 2482 in Sarasota, Fla.​

The Chicken of the Sea Mermaid visited two Tampa, Fla-area Winn-Dixie stores to donate two generous checks to community organizations and take pictures with customers.

The famous Mermaid’s visits included store No. 2482 in Sarasota, Fla. as part of the first-ever Chicken of the Sea Great American Gratitude Tour, a six-month, 56-city journey which brings the brand’s iconic mermaid and its centennial celebration to seafood lovers across the country while honoring local heroes and nonprofits that are bringing good to their communities.

The Junior League of Tampa and Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee were each honored at Winn-Dixie with a $10,000 “Gratitude Award” as part of “Chicken of the Sea: 100 Years of Good,” one of the largest, most comprehensive “pay it forward” initiatives in consumer packaged goods history.

“This really helps, especially during the summer when there are so many kids at home and everybody’s hungry because they’re used to getting fed at school,” said Cindy Sloan, director of The Food Bank of Manatee.

Community organizations weren’t the only ones excited about the Chicken of the Sea Mermaid’s visit. Young children lined up to have their picture taken with the brand’s iconic and beautiful Catalina and asked her questions about how long she can be out of water and what it’s like to live in the ocean.

Chicken of the Sea Inset 1.jpg
Children loved being in pictures with a real mermaid.

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