May 02, 2014
  Winn-Dixie store No. 1406 in Kenner, La. showed artwork by students from local A.C. Alexander Elementary School in a store exhibit April 17. ​

On April 17, Winn-Dixie store No. 1406 was adorned with the artwork of students from AC Alexander Elementary School in Kenner, La.

Students, parents, teachers and administrators filled the store with excitement as they scanned the gallery of collages, photos, drawings, paintings and other creations.

The artwork represented the students’ representation of, “What Home Means to Me,” a theme that would give shoppers a taste of New Orleans’ culture during the Art Fest event. While browsing through the artwork, customers snacked on fresh, delicious food items provided by the deli department.

Principal Leslie Harrison is grateful for the partnership with Winn-Dixie because it has allowed the students to have experiences that they would not have had without the store’s support.

“Events like Art Fest expose the children to the arts,” Harrison said.

Art Fest is part of a long-term partnership with the school. In February, store No. 1406 Director Clayton Majeste, went to the school to participate in a king cake workshop with students. The store also provided pastries for teachers and administrators during the school’s annual testing.

Soon, Majeste will work with the school to host a floral decorating workshop for Mother's Day. This hands-on workshop will teach students how to arrange flowers and will allow them to bring beautiful floral arrangements home to their mothers on Mother's Day.

“This partnership is a way for us to be a true part of our community. It is a focused, localized effort,” said Majeste. “It’s very important to us to build these types of relationships.”

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