August 10, 2015
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Katie’s Krops volunteers and Katie Stagliano, second from right, center row, with Southeastern Grocers Vice President of Produce Bob Denomme, rear row right, and Sales and Marketing Manager Edith Roysdon, rear row second from right, with the donation check the organization received.​

Specially-marked Katie’s Krops bins began to appear during July 2014 in BI-LO, Harveys and Winn-Dixie store produce departments, and the proceeds they’ve gathered will continue to help feed the hungry.

The bins offered small apples and oranges—the perfect size for children to grab and snack on the go, and each pictured Katie Stagliano, a special South Carolina 16-year-old girl who founded the nonprofit organization that bears her name.

Stagliano’s efforts began when she was 9 years old and her work first caught BI-LO’s attention several years ago when she grew a 40-pound cabbage as part of a class project and donated it to a local soup kitchen. Her inspiration hasn’t stopped since. Katie’s Krops was developed to encourage and fund children throughout the U.S. to end hunger one vegetable garden at a time, and the movement she started has extended into 30 states.

The store collection bins featuring Katie and her organization offered fruit and gathered donations for months. In January of this year, Katie’s Krops was presented with a check for a little over $26,000 from bin proceeds, something the organization representatives said they did not expect. And on July 22 at a special Katie’s Krops community dinner, Southeastern Grocers Vice President of Produce Bob Denomme presented the organization with another $33,045 check—surprising the organization’s members again.

Denomme told the group that their work is truly amazing and that it inspires others to take part. The community dinner, which was for Summerville, South Carolina community members in need of a hot meal, continued with a surprise giveaway of BI-LO branded products in reusable Katie’s Krops bags for the attendees to fill their pantries.

“Katie is a bright young woman who has developed a fully functioning nonprofit organization at only 16 years of age,” said Denomme. “I continue to be amazed at the hard work, dedication and commitment everyone at Katie’s Krops contributes to their communities. We have fully enjoyed working with this organization and helping them in their success.”

Katie's Krops Inset 1.jpg

Katie’s Krops presented each Southeastern Grocers store banner with a thank-you plate that children at a recent Katie’s Krops camp made.

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