February 14, 2014
Weinermobile 500px
Winn-Dixie customers snapped photos with the iconic vehicle in Jacksonville, Fla. and sang the “Oscar Mayer Wiener” song for giveaways.​

Winn-Dixie customers had a “frank-tastic” time getting up close and personal with the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Feb. 7 at store Nos. 141 and 179.

Whether young or young-at-heart, customers enjoyed taking a peek inside the vehicle, which consists of a 27 ft.-long grilled fiberglass hot dog resting on a lightly-toasted fiberglass bun.

The 6-seater frankfurter also includes a hot dog-shaped dashboard complete with a bun box (glove compartment), a ketchup walkway and mustard-splattered carpet, touch-screen navigation and sound system, blue sky ceiling art and an official “Weiner Jingle” horn. The first Weinermobile premiered in 1956 and there have then 12 versions of the vehicle since that time. Six Weinermobiles currently tour the country.

After completing an intense two-week training session at Hot Dog High, Hotdoggers (drivers) “Sam & Cheese” and “Kasee Con Queso” brought the iconic vehicle to Jacksonville as a part of their year-long cross-country tour.

“We’ve never received such a warm welcome from a grocery store,” said Hotdogger Sam & Cheese. “We loved meeting Winn-Dixie customers and associates and seeing their excitement over the Weinermobile.”

Customers enjoyed reliving memories of their past experiences with the Weinermobile. New fans took pictures and sang the famous “Oscar Mayer Weiner” song to receive wiener whistles and stickers.

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