February 13, 2015
​Winn-Dixie store No. 349 Pharmacy Intern Randi Agata.

On Jan. 23, Winn-Dixie store No. 349 Pharmacy Intern Randi Agata earned the praise and admiration of one family who believes she saved a life that day. In her one and a half years with Winn-Dixie, Agata has come to know her regular customers personally, so when a gentleman approached her seemingly disoriented, she took the opportunity to work with the elderly man to figure out how she could assist him. Little did she know that the man’s family, along with local police, had been searching for him after he wandered away from his home, ending up at the Margate, Florida store, five miles away. After spending more than an hour with the customer and doing some online research, Agata was able to obtain the man’s phone number and immediately contacted his family. Soon after, she was paid a visit by the man’s overjoyed daughter, Sandra Hensley, who made sure Agata’s kind actions, that potentially saved her father’s life, didn’t go unnoticed.

An overwhelmed Hensley wasted no time in reaching out to Winn-Dixie’s corporate office to share her gratitude for Agata’s act of selflessness.

“Randi is truly an example of how a Winn-Dixie associate can play a huge role in assisting anyone who may enter a store for countless reasons so I personally visited the store to share my heartfelt appreciation,” said Hensley. “Instead of brushing my father off, the Winn-Dixie pharmacy team showed incredible compassion and awareness in recognizing a potential deadly situation and made sure that my father made it home safe.”

Agata attributes her attention to quality service to the team she works with and always tries to relate to her customers personally to build a connection.

“We could immediately tell that Mr. Hensley needed assistance and we wanted to make sure we gave him the time and attention to provide the service he needed,” she said. “Thankfully, we were able to connect with the Hensley family to bring Sandra’s father home safely and help assure a happy ending to an otherwise stressful situation.”

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