January 30, 2015

Winn-Dixie is home of “The Beef People” and known for having many talented associates on the team. When meat market manager Mike McGaha is not mastering his craft as neighborhood butcher, he’s spending much of his time singing and performing with local bands.

McGaha has been a Winn-Dixie associate for nearly 35 years. While he loves his job at store No. 1588 in Destrahan, Louisiana, a few times a week he trades in his butcher block for his guitar and plays music throughout the greater New Orleans area.

McGaha comes from a musically inclined family and loves the creative release of performing live. At age 14, he picked up the guitar and has never looked back. “My grandfather and uncle both played musical instruments,” said McGaha. “I was drawn to music at a young age and it has always been a fun hobby that I’ve enjoyed.

McGaha recently had the opportunity to show off his natural musical talent during two events at the newly remodeled Winn-Dixie store in Destrehan. Winn-Dixie customers and associates were excited to hear him entertain the crowd with his soulful music.

McGaha can be found on many of his days off playing music and performing with various bands, including one that’s called The Dixie Jam and is made up of mostly current and former Winn-Dixie associates. McGaha also spends a lot of his free time performing with his son, Reece, and his daughter, Paige. His son, Peyton, is an engineering student at Louisiana State University and his wife of 25 years, Ashley, has encouraged him to stay with guitar and his other hobbies, he said.

“Music is my creative outlet and it gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family,” said McGaha. “No matter how my day is going, as soon as I play that first note, all of my troubles seem to melt away.”

McGaha said he is honored to perform for the customers he’s served for so long and he looks forward to continuing his musical journey.

Mike McGaha Inset 1.jpg

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