March 31, 2015
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As part of this year’s National Women’s History Month theme, “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives,” Bi-Lo Holdings acknowledges the impact of leading women in our organization. Susan Moore, vice president of general merchandise, is one such leader.

Like many leaders at Bi-Lo Holdings, Susan Moore began her career with a part-time job at a store while she was in high school. She continued working for Winn Dixie as she attended college. Upon graduation, a district director convinced her to consider a career with the company.

“I was a Florida girl, I wanted to stay in the area, and I thought it was a nice opportunity,” she said.

At the time, the majority of the leaders in the grocery industry were male. She said that being a woman at Winn-Dixie has never created a roadblock to her advancement over the years, and she has progressively risen to become a vice president.

As a participant in Winn-Dixie’s college training program, she was grateful to receive training in every area of a store. The experience was invaluable to her understanding of store operations, and she would go on to be a director of four Winn-Dixie stores as she rose within the organization.

While Moore said being a woman wasn’t an impediment in her career, she believes part of the reason for fewer women in the industry may have been the ‘grocery store’ perception – and department by department, that’s changing, she said.

“Today, women have some strong representation throughout our organization, especially in merchandising. It’s evolved dramatically, and we have great, young talent throughout center store,” she said.

Moore said she’s glad for the guidance she’s received over the years – both male and female -- at the only employer in her career.

“I think I’ve had some remarkable mentors over the years – I’ve been lucky to have extraordinary Leaders supporting me throughout my career.”

Every day, she aspires to pay it forward, she said.

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