October 01, 2014
She Expo 500px
South Carolina women enjoy BI-LO giveaways at the 7th annual SHE Expo. ​
Attendees of the 7thannual SHE expo in Greenville, South Carolina last month got a chance to do three of their favorite things -- eat, shop and party.
Women from all over the Carolinas came to the event, where they enjoyed culinary experiences, fashion shows, DIY workshops and musical performances -- all while shopping ‘til they dropped.
BI-LO headlined the event as presenting sponsor and treated guests to a variety of experiences and giveaways. All of the women who attended sported decorative BI-LO branded reusable bags that they used to stash samples, coupons and other goodies they collected as they explored the expo each day.
Participants stopped by the BI-LO booth to indulge in a wide range of local products from the Carolinas.
“SHE is always a great promotional event to showcase the extensive amount of local products BI-LO provides,” said John Brunty, local vendor for BI-LO. “The people in this area really appreciate what BI-LO is doing for the communities it serves.”
BI-LO also joined forces with The Cook’s Station to present The Culinary Area, a live cooking demonstration where numerous cooks taught attendees throughout the weekend long event. Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart taught the women the art of new southern cooking with their class, “Biscuits and Shortcakes: The South’s Quick Summer Baking Secret.” During their class, they made Dupree’s famous biscuits paired with an exclusive BI-LO treat, Sallie’s Greatest Blueberry Lime Jam, a local favorite in South Carolina.
She Expo Inset 1.jpg
BI-LO featured palatable Carolina products for attendees to sample.
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