May 16, 2014
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Winn-Dixie store No. 290 Store Director Jessica Franiuk (center) and several volunteers from Blessings Food Bank during the canned food drive on March 22.​

Several community organizations in the Victoria Park neighborhood, such as Blessings Food Bank and the Victoria Park Civic Association, view Winn-Dixie store No. 290 as a neighbor they can count on.

Store Director Jessica Franiuk and her store team took part in two March events that further established the bond with their neighbors.

Franiuk welcomed Blessings Food Bank back to her store for a canned food drive March 22. For the past four years, the store team has worked with the organization to generate thousands of dollars in food donations to help feed hundreds of local, underprivileged families. Franiuk and her team take pride in being a local resource for the local organization and enjoy the positive feedback they receive from customers who generously contribute to the worthy cause.

“Our partnership with Blessings Food Bank has been a great way for Winn-Dixie to allow our neighbors to help those less fortunate,” Franiuk said. “Our customers have greatly supported our efforts by purchasing Winn-Dixie products at our store to donate, so it’s a win-win opportunity for everyone.”

For the past eight years, the Victoria Park store has also been a valuable resource for the Victoria Park Civic Association. Franiuk and her team have participated in many HOA events as a sponsor and exclusive food retailer, including Art and Jazz in Victoria Park on March 23. Victoria Park Civic Association Chair Larry Wallenstein says their Winn-Dixie store and its associates are always a cherished addition to their neighborhood festivities.

“Our residents love having Winn-Dixie involved in our events because they have seen the tireless support the store has provided to our community,” he said. “Our events continue to grow in popularity, and we could not have such fantastic success without the participation of our Victoria Park Winn-Dixie store.”

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