February 06, 2015
​Winn-Dixie store No. 1472 participated in video shoot featuring fresh, local seafood.

In Louisiana, the four seasons are defined in a unique way—crawfish, crab, shrimp and oyster. Customers demand quality seafood, and Winn-Dixie takes great pride in teaming up with local fisherman and suppliers to offer the freshest seafood products available.

Recently, those efforts were recognized when the Gulf Seafood Board called upon Winn-Dixie store No. 1472 for a special video shoot highlighting various species of fish, shrimp and more. The neighborhood grocer had the opportunity to showcase its diverse and rich seafood to customers along the Gulf Coast.

The video focused on the diversity of seafood available in the store and the benefits of eating fresh, local seafood. Winn-Dixie was invited to participate in the shoot because of the wide selection of seafood offered in stores throughout the region. The seafood department stepped up to deliver a fresh take on local products with a display that would rival most.

“Winn-Dixie provides customers a variety of fresh seafood from all over the world, but we especially take pride in offering local seafood from our Gulf waters,” said Cliff Helms, New Orleans region meat and seafood manager. “We carry seafood year-round and our customers appreciate the quality and convenience we offer them.”

Winn-Dixie is teaming up with New Orleans Fish House, a local supplier of Gulf Seafood, for a partnership that will drive even more customers to stores to purchase seafood. This partnership, which officially kicks off during the Lenten season, is very important to Louisiana’s culture because it encourages customers to purchase locally-sourced seafood while showing the community the health benefits of eating seafood.

“Winn-Dixie has been serving this community for nearly 60 years,” said Helms. “Our customers deserve the best products and we are so happy to provide great seafood to them.”

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