November 22, 2013
Katie's Krops 500px
Katie’s Krops namesake Katie Stagliano of Summerville, S.C. with the cabbages that started her efforts to fight hunger.​

A partnership between BI-LO and Dole last month took aim at fighting hunger – and it was all begun by a 9-year-old South Carolina girl.

During a two-week promotion in October, BI-LO donated five cents to Katie's Krops each time a customer purchased three or more pounds of Dole bananas at any BI-LO store.

“As a local grocer, we’re committed to supporting programs that address hunger in our community, like Katie’s Krops,” said Mary Kellmanson, senior vice president of marketing for BI-LO. “We are proud to be the first grocery chain to launch a program like this with Katie’s Krops.”

Katie’s Krops began in 2008, when Katie Stagliano of Summerville, S.C., donated a 40-pound cabbage she’d grown to a soup kitchen where it helped feed more than 275 people. Her family helped her to start the nonprofit organization that empowers children and teens to plant their own vegetable gardens and donate the harvest to help feed people in need.

“The money raised helps us educate and empower kids to start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes, ultimately ending hunger,” said Stagliano, now 15. She said she hopes to establish gardens in all 50 states. Katie's Krops now has more than 60 youth-run gardens across the country, and has donated tens of thousands of pounds of fresh produce to feed the hungry.

The total proceeds from the campaign are to be announced later this year.

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