March 07, 2014
Jennifer Short 500px
Winn-Dixie District Director Jennifer Short​

Jennifer Short has come a long way over the last 26 years at Winn-Dixie, during which her career has advanced from store cashier to District Director.

Despite rising through the ranks in an industry dominated by men, she says she has received nothing but support and encouragement from bosses and co-workers along the way. She only faced one obstacle early in her Winn-Dixie career, she said.

“I think honestly it was perception, and probably my own perception,” she said. “I don’t think anyone was stopping women from advancing, but I never considered it a career. It was mentoring from male leaders that helped me to decide that this could be a career. I decided to stop worrying about it and to become one of those women (in leadership).”

She has held numerous positions in stores and in the field, including customer service specialist and center store specialist.In 2012, she was recognized for posting the best company-wide, identical center store sales performance. She was promoted to district director in September of 2013. And it wasn’t long before the industry noticed her – she was nominated and selected as one of Progressive Grocer magazine’s Top Women in Grocery in 2013.

When she started working for Winn-Dixie as a cashier while she was in high school, she did not suspect that she would make her career at the company. But ever since, she’s has enjoyed every minute of it, she says.

“The joke as I rose through the ranks was that I was the only woman in the room,” she said. “But I was warmly received and I never felt like an outsider. I hear women say they don’t see a path for them, and I really try to encourage them. It takes people to support you. There were a lot of people on the sidelines telling me that this was something I could do. There were a lot of people along the way in supporting me to be successful. There still are.”

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