May 30, 2014
Blue Ridge 500px
More than 430 classic automobiles participated in the 2014 Blue Ridge Fest.​

BI-LO was a key sponsor for the 17thAnnual Blue Ridge Fest on May 16, upstate Carolina’s largest classic car “cruise-in.” The event draws thousands of people and hundreds of cars to Pickens, S.C. each year.

More than 430 cars arrived at this year’s event, from Model A Fords to Studebakers to hot-rods, further establishing the Fest’s reputation as a top-notch event. Because of its status, the event continues to bring in bigger crowds and more cars, topping its own records and allowing spectators to count on seeing a wide variety of classic automobiles in nearly every color and style.

BI-LO participated in the event, providing Southern food staples for attendees to enjoy.

“Whether attendees were local or from out of town, BI-LO made sure they got a taste of South Carolina cuisine,” said Randy Ellison, district director of BI-LO Greenville West.

While food, cars, live entertainment, dancing and fun in the sun are all significant to the Fest, the cornerstone of the event is charity. In the last 16 years, the event has raised more than $1.6 million in donations to benefit human-help agencies in the four-county area -- Anderson, Greenville, Oconee and Pickens.

BI-LO supports the Fest’s efforts to raise money for community organizations by donating several thousand dollars to the event annually.

“We are proud to support Blue Ridge Fest, as it aligns well with BI-LO’s goals to serve the community,” Ellison said. “The event is very significant because as it grows larger each year, its ability to give to local charities becomes stronger.”

Ellison said BI-LO store No. 5552 Director Richie Tallman and his store team have been instrumental in supporting the event over the years.

Blue Ridge Inset.jpg
BI-LO provided South Carolina favorites for hungry attendees to enjoy.

Blue Ridge Inset 2.jpg
Live entertainment at the Fest kept guests on their feet.

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