June 27, 2014
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Customers explore newly-remodeled Winn-Dixie store No. 439 in Columbus, Ga.​

Winn-Dixie store No. 439 in Columbus, Ga. kicked off the unveiling of its major remodeling with an open house celebration and a community appreciation block party.

Customers and community partners filled the store during the open house event, browsing the expanded store’s departments and to try the available product samples. Customers, neighbors and families in the community continued to celebrate during the Community Appreciation Block Party, which included live entertainment from local jazz band Simply Soul, bounce houses, cartoon character appearances and exclusive giveaways.

Through community outreach and its new enhancements, the storehaspositioned itself as the preferred grocery destination for Columbus-area residents. The store exemplifies the company’s goal to serve as a one-stop grocery destination, catering to the needs, tastes and preferences of customers.

“We recognize and value the loyalty of our customers in this community, and will continue to offer a convenient shopping experience, exceptional service and the freshest products in all of our Columbus-area locations,” Winn-Dixie Regional Vice President Tim Flavin said. “We are proud of this new store and what it represents - our promise to listen to our neighbors. Our team is pleased to unveil the newly-remodeled Veterans Parkway store and its enhanced features.”

The Open House and Community Appreciation block party showcased the store’s eye-catching enhancements: the new outdoor store façade and entrance; an expanded produce department featuring a wide selection of the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables; a redesigned deli showcasing freshly-prepared hot food selections including Winn-Dixie’s famous chicken wings; a barbecue bar featuring chef-inspired entrees; and a custom sub bar featuring Dietz & Watsonpremium meats. A new sushi bar and lobster tank compliments the store’s full-service seafood department.

The store marked its community outreach efforts with a donation of more than $4,000 to House of Heroes; more than $2,000 to Wounded Warrior Project; $2,000 in gift cards to Warrior Outreach; and a $500 gift card to The United States Army Officer Candidate School Alumni Association.

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