June 27, 2014
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Six pet adoptions were made during Winn-Dixie’s fundraising event, forever changing the lives of the animals and the families that adopted them.​

Store Director Robert Gagnon of Winn-Dixie store No. 2349 in Fort Pierce, Fla. holds a special place in his heart for All Pet Rescue, a local animal shelter. To help support the organization’s cause of connecting homeless pets with loving families, Gagnon and his store team held a fundraising event April 5, raising more than $1,700 to help purchase supplies and provide much needed services for the charitable organization.

Gagnon’s appreciation for All Pet Rescue skyrocketed three years ago when he adopted his dog, Lucky, from the local shelter. In the past, he has invited the organization to his store to help raise awareness, but Gagnon was determined to make a greater impact. With the help of volunteers from Winn-Dixie and All Pet Rescue, he worked with the organization to coordinate a community celebration at his store, which drew hundreds of customers and neighbors who learned the benefits of adopting a new furry family member. Gagnon says it was a tremendous feeling to be part of a successful event that benefited a great cause.

“We were so excited to support All Pet Rescue with an event that allows them to continue making connections between our neighbors and homeless pets,” he said. “Not only did we help raise invaluable funds, we helped change the lives of families and animals in need with six successful pet adoptions during the event.”

Throughout the afternoon, attendees could purchase hot dogs, have their cars washed, play fun-filled kids games, browse donated books and enjoy live entertainment. Gagnon reached out to local businesses surrounding his store for raffle items, including gym memberships and complimentary veterinary services, with proceeds benefiting All Pet Rescue. Animal lovers could also enjoy interactive tours of a fire truck and an ambulance thanks to the St. Lucie County Fire District.

“We can’t thank Robert and Winn-Dixie enough for helping organize such a successful and engaging event,” said All Pet Rescue Founder and President Rosa Harding. “Thanks to everyone’s hard work, these animals will have a second chance to find a home and live happy lives.”

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All Pet Rescue volunteers collect donations throughout the afternoon at Winn-Dixie store No. 2349 fundraising event.

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