September 23, 2015
Childrens Hunger Picnic 500px
Volunteers from The Children’s Hunger Project fill their plates full of picnic food provided by Winn-Dixie.​

By Brittany Mathis
Southeastern Grocers Community Connections
North Florida and East Central Florida

Associates of Winn-Dixie store No. 2268 in West Melbourne, Florida, hosted a picnic for Children’s Hunger Project volunteers to thank them for everything they do to help needy children in the community.

The Children’s Hunger Project helps elementary school children who participate in Brevard County’s backpack program and is designed to help children in the free and reduced-price meal program, providing them food for the weekend, when they might otherwise go hungry.

Every Friday, volunteers fill student backpacks full of non-perishable foods such as ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, milk, juice boxes, cereal and other canned goods. All the foods they pack are lightweight food items that children can enjoy with little preparation.

“These volunteers are always working so hard to help feed hungry kids throughout the academic school year,” said Winn-Dixie store director Mike Klenotich. “It’s time we do something for them and show how much they are appreciated within this community.”

This special summer picnic for the volunteers of The Children’s Hunger Project was held to show appreciation for their dedication and support. Robert Barnes, founder of the nonprofit, spends more than $20,000 every month to help fight malnutrition during the school year.

The Children’s Hunger Project seeks to guarantee that needy children have basic nutrition throughout the weekend, so they can have a healthy foundation for learning when they come back to school on Mondays. Better nourishment may foster improved academic achievement, as childhood hunger can contribute to difficulty learning and weakened immune systems.

Childrens Hunger Picnic Inset 1.jpg
Happy picnickers smile as they enjoy hamburgers during a picnic to support Children’s Hunger Project volunteers.

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