July 28, 2015
1444 Campers 500px
Winn-Dixie store No. 1444 associate Sasha Rivera, right, helps a camper decorate cookies.​ Â

Winn-Dixie store No. 1444 in Luling, Louisiana, recently teamed up with the community’s First Baptist Church to offer a fun summer outing for local children to enjoy.

Earlier this month, Winn-Dixie was the featured grocery store for the church field trip. During the event, the neighborhood grocer showcased all of its healthy, delicious and interactive offerings. This educational grocery tour reinforced nutritious tips and encouraged children to develop healthy eating habits as good everyday practices.

Store DirectorMarie Kingsmill worked with her team to provide a fun experience for all students. The campers toured various store departments, including produce and bakery, and sampled Winn-Dixie favorites while learning about ways to recycle. Participants also received hands-on instruction to help them understand how all associates work together to keep the grocery store operating.

"It was my pleasure to partner with First Baptist Church for this educational and engaging experience," said Kingsmill. "This outing is sure to leave a lasting impression on the children that visited our store."

Kingsmill enjoys working with the community to expose young students to different activities. She said she is looking forward to many other group tours with the community and excited about future partnership opportunities.


1444 Campers Inset 1.jpg

First Baptist Church campers enjoy a day at Winn-Dixie.​

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