October 31, 2014
Hispanic Heritage 500px
Winn-Dixie celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with “Dos Culturas, Mucha Frescura” featuring specially crafted recipes in partnership with Chef Pepin.​

Sept.15 - Oct. 15 is recognized as Hispanic Heritage Month, and this year Winn-Dixie’s celebration included a partnership with the one-and-only Hispanic celebrity Chef Pepin.

It was part of Winn-Dixie’s “Dos Culturas, Mucha Frescura” (Two Cultures, Amazing Freshness) campaign honoring Hispanic cultural heritage. The month-long festivities highlighted a fresh way to combine two cultures through delicious, new Latin and American fusion recipes.

Because every great celebration includes delicious food, Winn-Dixie launched the Dos Culturas, Mucha Frescuramicrosite, inviting visitors to download the five specially-crafted fusion recipes to incorporate into their Hispanic Heritage Month feasts. To join customers in celebrating the best parts of being Latin and American, Chef Pepin captivated more than 100 customers and dedicated fans with his spontaneous and whimsical approach to cooking during live cooking demonstrations at Winn-Dixie store No. 251 in Miami on Sept. 20 and store No. 2450 at the Fiesta Plaza Winn-Dixie in Tampa, Florida Oct. 4. Attendees savored samples of Mango Drummets, Bacon Croquetas, and Cranberry Churros.Attendees also received a complimentary booklet filled with the Hispanic Heritage Month recipes.

“It was exciting to join Winn-Dixie and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by paying tribute to culinary traditions that speak to the essence of who we are,” Chef Pepin said. “It’s a special feeling to know customers can share these recipes with friends and family and to celebrate our culture using all the fresh ingredients available at their neighborhood Winn-Dixie.”

Winn-Dixie also partnered with Badia Spices Corporate Chef Hector Morales, who visited three Miami-area stores Sept. 27 - Oct. 11. Chef Morales added a local South Florida flare to his specialty dish by using Badia’s new Holy Smokespork and meat rub, inspired by a mix created by a recent Florida International University graduate.

Hispanic Inset 1.jpg

Chef Pepin gives the crowd a smile as he shows them how to prepare Cranberry Churros during his cooking demonstration.

Hispanic Inset 2.jpg
Chef Pepin prepared three of the Hispanic Heritage Month recipes he developed with Winn-Dixie during a live cooking demonstration at store No. 251 in Miami, Fla.

Hispanic Inset 3.jpg

Chef Pepin gathers his ingredients to prepare delicious Bacon Croquetas.

Hispanic Inset 4.jpg

Between demonstrating Hispanic Heritage Month recipes, Chef Pepin engaged the crowd with Winn-Dixie giveaways.

Hispanic Inset 5.jpg

Attendees look on as Pepin stirs his Churro batter.

Hispanic Inset 6.jpg

A hungry crowd looks on as Chef Pepin cooks up flavor fusion recipes at Winn-Dixie store No. 2450.

Hispanic Inset 7.jpg

Chef Pepin paid a visit to customers at Winn-Dixie store No. 2450 in Tampa, Fla.

Hispanic Inset 8.jpg

Tampa, Fla. area customers enjoy Chef Pepin’s interactive approach to cooking during his demonstration.

Hispanic Inset 9.jpg

Chef Pepin poses with a lucky winner of a Winn-Dixie gift card.
Hispanic Inset 10.jpg
Chef Hector Morales grills up pork loin seasoned with Holy Smokes rub.
Hispanic Inset 11.jpg

Customers lined up to try Chef Hector Morales’ BBQ Guava pork.

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