February 21, 2014
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Store no. 442 in Rainbow City, Ala. Associates Blair and Sarah dressed the part to check out customers in the stores special “Lovers Lane.”​

BI-LO and Winn-Dixie stores throughout Louisiana, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina enjoyed a very special Valentine’s Day with associates and customers.

Many stores, such as Winn-Dixie No. 1472 in New Orleans, La. decorated entranceways with pink and red from ceiling to floor and elaborate balloons and flowers to let everyone know that love was in the air. Stores also had stations set up for customers to dip fresh strawberries, make their own bouquet and send a special message to loved ones on a cookie or cake from the bakery.

Customers easily found romantic meals at the convenient “What’s-For-Dinner” case that was stocked with rib-eye steaks, lobster tails, asparagus, wine and champagne.

Several stores celebrated the day in their own special way, but every store offered something special for customers to enjoy! The following photos show some of those stores and the special things they did for the romantic holiday.

Valentine's Day Inset 2.jpg
In Jacksonville, Fla. store no. 54 held a special event to “Celebrate Love” on Thursday, February 13. The store invited customers in for a fun last minute shopping experience. Customers enjoyed samples of ribeye steaks, chocolate covered strawberries, shrimp platters, cheese and wine!

Valentine's Day Inset 3.jpg
In Chattanooga, Tenn. BI-LO Regional Deli and Bakery Manager Anita Hedden let everyone know what BI-LO had to offer on a local television show “This N’ That” highlighting items from beautiful flowers to steak and brie dinners for that someone special.

Valentine's Day Inset 4.jpg
Store No. 145 in Orange Park, Fla. also had a unique Valentine’s Day setting up a kiosk in a local mall for the holiday. “It was a wonderful opportunity that was presented to our store,” explained Winn-Dixie Store Director Gene Williams. Williams said that the kiosk was stocked with traditional Valentine’s Day gift items that included chocolates, flowers and plush animals for loved ones. Service Area Manager Nate Blazer and associate Emeline Garcia spent the day spreading Winn-Dixie love throughout the mall.

Valentine's Day Inset 5.jpg
Store no. 5555 in Greenwood, S.C also set-up in a local mall for the fourth year selling Valentine’s Day items. They had floral arrangements, balloons, plush bears, candy, gift baskets, and even had a chocolate fountain for customers to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Valentine's Day Inset 6.jpg
Winn-Dixie store no. 445 in Birmingham, Ala. provided customers on the go with a convenient “Drive-By Valentine’s Day” display outside the store.

Valentine's Day Inset 1.jpg

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