January 09, 2015
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West Tampa Winn-Dixie stores participated in the annual Flavor of West Tampa event, which brought in more than 2,500 attendees.​

More than 2,500 people sampled food and enjoy live entertainment and giveaways during the annual Flavor of West Tampa event.

Each year, the event at MacFarlane Park in West Tampa gives local food vendors an opportunity to introduce their dishes to the community.

Several West Tampa Winn-Dixie stores participated in the event, including Winn-Dixie store Nos. 2407, 2417, 2433, 2450 and 2509.

Since Hispanic culture is prevalent in the area, Flavor of West Tampa provided Latin-style food and entertainment. Winn-Dixie sampled the Spanish rice and beans dish found in the deli department, as well as tortilla chips with Winn-Dixie salsa.

“Each Winn-Dixie store caters to the unique community it serves,” said Bart Miller, store No. 2407 director. “For example, our store has an expanded Hispanic foods department to accommodate our large Hispanic customer base. Events such as Flavor of West Tampa give us a means to showcase our prepared foods and large variety of Hispanic products available to purchase.”

During the event, Winn-Dixie also gave away tumblers, recyclable bags and mystery gift cards – one lucky patron received a mystery gift card worth $100.

“We jump at the opportunity to get in front of our local community and to show people the range of products Winn-Dixie offers,” said Miller. “It’s great when we get the chance to interact with our customers outside of the grocery store setting, and it’s even better that we can introduce our products to new shoppers as well.”

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