November 29, 2013
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Winn-Dixie general merchandise leader and breast cancer survivor, Allison Palmer-Bechtel doesn’t need a holiday to be thankful. She has a lot of gratitude year-round as a cancer survivor. She can also be thankful for support that has placed her on a level of local fame.

Just a year ago, Palmer-Bechtel, who works at Winn-Dixie No. 1412 in Kenner, La., already was dealing with several life issues, but then another blow came.

“It was a tough time for us. My family and I were facing challenging times,” she said. “Then, around the holidays last year, I received news that would change my life.”

She was diagnosed with breast cancer, creating a stressful and uncertain time for her and her family. And now, one year later, she is a breast cancer survivor who is celebrating her experience, which she says has made her stronger.

Because of her courage, Allison is being showcased in a New Orleans billboard campaign by local health care facility East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie, La. The hospital is working with MD Anderson, another hospital well-known for specializing in excellent cancer treatment, to launch a campaign that puts local faces on the fight against cancer.

Palmer-Bechtelwas nominated for this campaign by an East Jefferson nurse coordinator. And her positive attitude has been key to her success, she said.

“Through this campaign I can show others that if I can overcome cancer, they can too,” she said. “It’s such a great feeling to pass a billboard and see your picture tied to such a positive message.”

Palmer-Bechtelwas selected to be one of the faces of this campaign because she was able to successfully fight this horrible disease and take her life back.

“I can’t say that it wasn’t a struggle, but now I feel great,” she said. “This campaign is an opportunity for me to share my experience and possibly save lives by bringing awareness to cancer. Just as the billboard states, ‘no one fights cancer alone.’”

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