April 18, 2014
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Winn-Dixie store no. 286 Store Director Edgar Bustillo (far right) along with staff of Sylvania Heights Elementary School during a Math Night on Feb. 19.​

During a Feb. 19 Math Night event for Sylvania Heights Elementary School in West Miami, Fla., Winn-Dixie store No. 286 store Director Edgar Bustillo welcomed more than 250 event attendees, highlighting Winn-Dixie’s dedication to its local neighbors.

Bustillo worked with his community involvement team to meet administrators of Sylvania Heights Elementary administrators and to build a plan to strengthen the new partnership.

Bustillo said he wanted to bring the community to their neighborhood Winn-Dixie, so he worked with the school to organize his first Math Night event.

“It was unbelievable to watch so many families walk through the store and thank us for our new partnership with Sylvania Heights Elementary School,” he said. “It made me very happy to hear the wonderful comments from parents and staff who shared how grateful they were to have Winn-Dixie involved in the community.”

Families filled the aisles from end to end and mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents worked together in every department, solving Math Night worksheets. Sylvania Heights Elementary School Principal Amor Reyes was thrilled with the Math Night event and says she sees a bright future for the new partnership.

“Edgar and his team did a marvelous job providing our students with an educational event the whole family could enjoy,” she said. “We were absolutely floored by the success of the Math Night and can’t wait to build an even stronger relationship between Sylvania Heights Elementary School and Winn-Dixie.”

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