March 21, 2014
Angela McDermott 500px
Angela McDermott​

BI-LO senior merchandising deli-bakery manager Angela McDermott has 20 years of experience with BI-LO and credits the company and its management for fostering her career’s steady and constant growth.

“My entire career has been in retail. In high school, I was in a retail career and straight out of college, I went to BI-LO.”

She attended the BI-LO business school, an experience she says gave her foundational knowledge for the retail business and store operations.

She went on to work in store management for 11 years, five years of which was as a store director. When she first arrived at BI-LO, she wasn’t planning on spending her career there.

“I was going to figure it out along the way. But shortly after I got into management, I loved it. You truly have to enjoy what you’re doing and I do it every day.”

And staying with the career she loves has been possible thanks to help and support from her company, she said. Balancing motherhood with a professional career can involve juggling, and she took six years off to focus on her children, and when she returned, BI-LO let her resume her career virtually from where she left off. Support from her family today allows her to meet the commitments of management, she said.

“I’ve been back for seven and a half years and I’m continuing to climb,” she said. “I’ve got two children at home, but I’ve always been able to manage that. I’m wanting to excel at what I do and I’m always looking for the next step. They’ve always worked with me so I could climb the ladder, and I’m not done.”

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