June 06, 2014
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Winn-Dixie District Director Cheikh Mboup, at podium, discusses the importance of making a hurricane kit. Jacksonville, Fla. Mayor Alvin Brown is at right.​

Mayor Alvin Brown and Winn-Dixie joined forces May 28 at the Jacksonville Emergency Operations Center to help get Jacksonville residents ready for the 2014 hurricane season.

Winn-Dixie sponsored the 2014 JaxReady Emergency Preparedness Guide, which provides useful information to help Duval County residents prepare for potential storms, including how to make a family hurricane kit with needed supplies, new evacuation routes, shelter information and more.

During the press conference, Mayor Brown spoke about the 50thanniversary of Hurricane Dora, the preparedness guide and the importance of being prepared for severe weather.

“In an emergency, every second counts,” Brown said.

District Director Cheikh Mboup was on hand to discuss the types of supplies needed for an emergency kit to keep residents and their families safe, including bottled water, medications, a first aid kit, baby and pet supplies, flashlights, batteries and canned foods. There was also a product display table at the press conference to show the types of items needed in a hurricane kit.

“In the event of a hurricane, families and individuals should have and emergency supply kit with enough water, non-perishable food items and prescriptions medications stocked up to sustain you and your family for three days or more,” said Mboup. “It is important for residents to have these items on hand in case of an emergency.”

The JaxReady Guides were distributed as insert to the Sunday, June 1 Florida Times-Union, community centers and throughout all Duval County Winn-Dixie stores.

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