December 19, 2014
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Derek Lott, Bi-Lo Holdings senior director of supplier diversity, standing at right, leads a diversity and inclusion training class.​

Diversity and Inclusion are of critical importance to Bi-Lo Holdings, and the majority of the company’s managers in the Greenville and Jacksonville store support centers and in the Harveys regional office participated in a day-long class that underscores that importance.

“Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are essential business tools,” said Alicia King, senior manager of talent management and diversity. “This year’s training taught leaders with different organizational, external and internal dimensions how to work together, manage diversity and create an inclusive environment.”

The training began during the summer with our store support centers and Harveys region office managers and will be expanded to include managers in BI-LO, Harveys and Winn-Dixie stores in 2015.

The ongoing training sessions teach the importance of diversity & inclusion in the workplace and are a key part of the workforce diversity focus area in the company’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy, which also includes community outreach and supplier diversity.

“The course has also built awareness with our managers to help them see things through a different lens,” King said. “One of the course’s major themes is that diversity and inclusion are not just about race and gender. Being aware that it is more opens minds, thoughts and perspectives and helps our business succeed.”

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