October 21, 2015
Customers participate in a bourbon sampling at Bradenton Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 2405. It was one of 50 stores across Florida that celebrated Bourbon Heritage Month with bourbon-sampling events.

By Brittany Mathis

Southeastern Grocers Community Connections

North Florida and East Central Florida

Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits stores in Florida celebrated September's Bourbon Heritage Month by hosting free bourbon tasting events at 50 stores statewide.

Called America’s “Native Spirit,” bourbon is rich in tradition and has a deep-rooted legacy in the United States. Every September since 2007, Bourbon Heritage Month is celebrated nationally in honor of the family heritage, tradition and legacy that the bourbon industry brings to the U.S.

Bourbon Heritage Month was part of the Winn-Dixie Bourbon Trail campaign, where a variety of bourbons were featured during September at select Wine & Spirits stores with samplings to help customers discover their bourbon tastes. Along with sampling new bourbon cocktails, customers received free giveaways, including recipe cards, to help introduce old friends to new classics.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the successful turnout for our bourbon tastings,” said Mary Ellington, Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 21 store director in Jacksonville, Florida. “Customers loved the Jim Beam Orchard Twist.”

The stores shared samples of several different bourbons including Angel’s Envy, Basil Hayden, Jim Beam and Knob Creek to about 50 customers per store.

“The sampling event was well received by those who came in to taste test,” said Denis Capece, Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 730 manager in Marco Island, Florida. “A big hit among the customers and proved to be one of the favorites was the Jim Beam Apple.”

Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 2405 in Bradenton also enjoyed positive feedback from people who attended its bourbon sampling events.

Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 2434 in Tampa brought in a brand ambassador to host the sampling events.

“The customers seemed very engaged and interested in what the brand ambassador was sampling,” said Gerald Clark, store No. 2434 manager. “It was a great event and we sold a lot of bottles of the product that was sampled.”

Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 2434 sold a number of bottles of the bourbon product that was sampled during the Bourbon Heritage Month events.

The Seminole, Florida, Wine & Spirits No. 614 was one of the more than 30 West Florida region stores that participated in Bourbon Heritage Month.

Winn-Dixie Wine & Spirits No. 730 in Marco Island held two successful bourbon sampling events in honor of Bourbon Heritage Month.

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