March 28, 2014
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Dog category winner Louie was all ears upon hearing about his big win. Cat category winner Casper had his eye on the prize all along. ​

BI-LO and Winn-Dixie stores celebrated the launch of the PAWS Feed the Love scan program to benefit hungry pets by inviting associates from both banners to participate in an internal Pet Photo Contest.

The reaction was substantial – dozens of associates sent in photos of their animal best friends and companions. See photos below story for examples of just a few of the entries.

The lovable French bulldog, Louie, owned by Daymon Associate Stephanie Angerer, won for the dog category. Casper, the furry feline owned by Bi-Lo Holdings Customer Database Analyst Cathy Duby, won the cat category for her unique two-toned eyes.

Both pets will be featured in the internal Feed the Love campaign, which includes posters displayed at Bi-Lo Holdings store support centers.

This will be the fifth year BI-LO stores have participated in the PAWS Feed the Love scan program. Due to its success, the program expanded to Winn-Dixie stores for the first time this year.

Now through April 29, associates and customers can purchase a $5 bag of dog or cat food or make a monetary donation of their choice at checkout to donate to local food banks that support the needs of hungry pets in their communities.

Congratulations to Stephanie and Cathy and thank you to all associates for entering their furry family members for the contest!

More content entries:

Jennifer Laurich's Arya

Raggs - Jenny McCaffrey.jpg
Jenny McCaffrey's Raggs

Lori Doria's Melo

Marcus Adair's Bailey


Robert Tongue's Lucy

Rodric Mitchell's Ginger

Scott Cummings' Madison

Sharon Wilson's Kibbles

Steffaney Bass' Millie

Mignionne 5.jpg
Victoria Haymond's Mignonne

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